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Alphabet Cupcakes (Box of 12)

Alphabet Cupcakes

Create your own message. You can either choose one alphabet or number per cupcake, and you can create your own creative or fun message. Get them delivered in time to surprise someone you care about. 

The quantity is per dozen, i.e. Quantity of 1 means 12 cupcakes, qty of 2 means 24 cupcakes and so on. 

Please indicate your choice of alphabets and numbers on check-out. Please remember that the number of alphabets in your message should not exceed the number of cupcakes ordered. For a box of 24 (2 dozen), there are 5 cupcakes in each row, there are 5 rows. For a box of 12 (1 dozen), there are 3 rows of 4 cupcakes each. You can think about which alphabets go in the first row, and so on.

**Note that if you choose coloured frosting for Bliss Choco cupcakes, the frosting will still be vanilla buttercream. E.g. if you choose Bliss Choco cupcake with coloured frosting, it will be chocolate cake with vanilla frosting tinted with colour(s) of your choice.