Mini Size Cupcakes customised

Heart Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes (Box of 20)

Heart Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes (Box of 20) - Cuppacakes - Singapore's Very Own Cupcakes Shop

Mini Cupcakes are so cute and perfectly bite sized, which is part of what makes them so irresistible. Some people find that the mini cupcakes are just enough for them, others have a go at a few of these mini variants. 

Wish your loved ones, with these special heart sprinkled mini cupcakes. Go ahead, indulge them, show them you care, show them you truly love them. Dont forget to write a message, a message that conveys what you feel, sometimes the written word can be more powerful than the spoken one. Make them feel truly special and appreciated. 

One flavor per box, each box comes with 20 mini cupcakes. 

Note: Coloured frosting is only available for Vanilla, Red Velvet and Bliss Choco cupcakes. If you select coloured frosting for Bliss Choco cupcakes, it will be coloured Vanilla frosting on chocolate cupcakes.