Logo conundrum

As we started about looking to design the logo for our site, we laid down the general principles on what it should stand for. 

The logo should stand for a young company, where the consumers were forward looking and made healthier choices for themselves and their families. So the logo had to have some kind of vibrancy as well as elegance at the same time. 

It took us over a month to finalize our logo - some of our friends said "A logo is just a logo, choose one and get on with it". However I believe logo is the company's identity, it is what the company stands behind and it should convey the personality of our brand. Ultimately it took us over 11 logos, and lots of interactions with friends and family to come out with the perfect logo. The logo that highlights our cupcakes, the logo that is colorful and vibrant, and a logo that is simple yet elegant. 

Here is our chosen WINNER logo for cuppacakes:

However, we would like to thank everyone who helped us in this process. Special mention to Vandana Katoch from Clayground communications, and Kunal Sehdev from Kuse Design who helped us in this process. We discussed each one of these designs in great detail and then chose the final one. 

We had 4 designs in our final shortlist out of 11, before choosing the perfect one. Here are the FINAL FOUR:

Finally - here is the selection of all 11 designs which we analyzed and considered before settling in for our Winner logo. 

Made by Kuse design (Website

From Fiverr- mniluka (Website)

Made by Clayground Communications (Website)


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