Corporate Orders

All our cupcakes come in minimum of one dozen per order (12 pcs). The standard price is SGD 48 per dozen for all our non-customized regular cupcakes. There is a minimum order of 12 per flavor as all cupcakes are baked on order, and there is a minimum batch size of 12 cupcakes for our baking process.

Please note that listed prices of cupcakes excludes delivery charge. You may refer to this link for information on delivery charges, delivery slots and self collection.

What Promos are you running?

Discounts for large orders:

Minimum Order Size Discount % Discount Code at Checkout
SGD 250 5% 250CUPPA5
SGD 500 10% 500CUPPA10


Why is your pricing premium? 

Because our products are premium too. Each of our cupcakes are specially prepared for individual orders. This ensures that we deliver only the freshest cupcakes to you. We also do not use any preservatives or stabilizers in our cupcakes, which means that our batter has to be prepared fresh for each order! 

In addition we use the most premium, best quality ingredients that we can find worldwide. The quality of ingredients makes a world of difference in the quality and taste of our cupcakes. 

How are you able to offer good prices?

We bake on order, hence we ensure that there is no wastage. In addition, we target large orders, which help us to keep our cost structure very low. We pass as much of these savings to our customers as we can. 


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