Q: Do you have a storefront?

A: Yes, we have a cupcake shop in Kovan. Our shop address is: 183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade @ Pelikat, #01-05, Singapore Postal Code: 537643. 

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver to any location in Singapore (extra charges apply for sentosa only). We charge only SGD 18 for delivery from 10am to 6pm, or SGD 25 for delivery before 10am or after 6pm. Please give us a target delivery time, and a time window of 2 hours around that target delivery time. We will do our best to make sure that your order reaches you as close as possible to your desired time. 

Q: What kind of events do you specialize in?

A: At Cuppacakes.com.sg we do all kinds of events from baby showers to weddings to office events to any personal celebrations that you're planning on! 

Q: Where are your prices listed at for a large event?

A: Please be aware that every event is different and special to us.  We want you to customize your own menu with us. Therefore in order to get you an accurate quote, we do need to consider several factors, such as flavour, quantity and lead time.  Please email your request at orders@cuppacakes.com.sg and we will reply back to you within 24 hours. 

Q: Can I still taste your cupcakes before an event?

A: Of course you can! Give us a shout at +65 9006 7868 and we will arrange to send the flavor of your choice over.

Q: Do you have all flavors at all times?

A: Our cupcakes are baked to order so yes we have all flavors at all times unless it says "Seasonal".

Q: Are your cupcakes made to order/ fresh?

A: Yes, our cupcakes are made fresh with the finest ingredients and are always made to order!

Q: Do you bake cupcakes for kid's events?

A: Yes, Yes!! of course... we LOVE to bake for kids!!

Q: What ingredients do you use for baking?

A: We use the best ingredients possible in our cakes and cupcakes, we only use 100% french butter, premium vanilla paste imported from the US, european dairy cream, australian sugar, premium flour to make our products. We also use natural fruit purees, natural berries, and use what has to offer us to make our products.

However, our cakes and cupcakes don't contain any preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers. We also do not use any harmful ingredients such as shortening in our products.

Q: Can I request for Less Sweet flavors?

A: Yes you can. As we bake to order, we can reduce the sugar content for your order. However, do note that we already bake with less sugar compared to similar products elsewhere.

Q: What are your signature cupcakes?

A: Vanilla, Bliss Choco, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet are the most ordered.

Q: Can you bake Eggless cupcakes?

A: All cupcakes in our bakery can be made without eggs. We bake eggless products in separate batches so that no ingredients get mixed up while baking and preparing our products. 

Q: What are your hours?

A: You can call us any time at +65 9006 7868. Our shop operating hours are Monday - Friday 9am -6pm.

Q: How do I pay?

A: All payments are accepted through Paypal / credit card / bank transfer / cheque / cash (at shop).

Q: I tried your cupcakes/ experienced your service and would like to share my opinion, Is there a place for that?

A: There sure is! If you experienced our cupcakes/ service, tell us about it. We'll love to see your feedback on our facebook page or our twitter handle. 

Q: Are you on any social networking sites?

A: Who isn't nowadays! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, please see our pages in the footer below.

Q: Do you have a NEA license?

A: Yes, we have a NEA license for our shop. 


Have more questions? Email us or call/text +65 9006 7868