A new Chapter for cuppacakes, and for me

Life is full of twist and turns. So does a business. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jee Huey, the proud new owner of cuppacakes. I have just quit my full-time job, a stable and full of prospects one, to take over ownership of cuppacakes from Bhawna and Vivek, and to manage it on a full-time basis. You may read about me and why I choose to do this here.

Thank you, Bhawna and Vivek for this opportunity, an ownership so dear to you that you wouldn’t have let go if you did not have to relocate.

Bhawna – you are a great baker. Until now, I have received calls from cuppacakes regulars who learnt about the change in ownership, and asked if I would change the recipes or ingredients for the cupcakes that they are so fond of. I said only if it’s for the better.

Vivek – I can see how much you wanted this business to succeed and felt that Hon and I were the right ones. Thank you for taking time out to teach us on the technicalities of this business, to ensure a smooth transition for us. It was not easy starting up cuppacakes few years ago and bringing it to where it is today. Hon and I admire your intelligence and perseverance.

To cuppacakes’s loyal patrons, if you noticed our website and Facebook not being updated for the past two months, it is not because we have given up or bochup. It was because I was serving notice in my previous workplace and trying my best to ensure a smooth work transition before I officially relinquished my role there on 31 Aug. In the meantime, Sangeetha and I had tried as best as we could to serve you well. We hope you feel the same too! (Sangeetha – thank you so much for always being there to hold the fort in the past two months. Wouldn’t have done it without you!)

Cuppacakes is officially starting a new chapter now, and that’s the same for me too. When I was still considering this, many have told me how business has failed and how difficult it would be. It was not an easy decision – it takes courage and much mental preparation to follow one’s passion. I hope you will support me in this journey. Let us know where we can do better and be generous with your praise if we have done well. It will mean a lot to us, as we strive to continue to deliver fresh and quality cakes to our dear patrons. We will bake for you as we bake for our loved ones. :)
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