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Image Print Cupcakes for a Corporate Event

On 23 March 2017, Cuppacakes had a bulk order for Image Print cupcakes for a corporate event. 

We have done bulk orders before but this would be the first time that they would need us to help set up the cupcakes for display as well. We were pretty excited as we have never done this before. To be able to exhibit your colourful cupcakes for a crowd to see is quite surreal. 

image print cupcakes corporate event

Yellow, Red and Purple coloured frosting were used to match the colours of the company's logo. The coloured cupcakes were to be in sync with the company's logo, named Compass. 

The event was held at the National Museum of Singapore. We went there an hour early prior to the event to set up. The employees of the company were present when we reached. Helping us carry the cupcakes and even with the arrangement.

image print cupcakes corporate event

The jitters that we had were gone once we knew that they were quite pleased with the outcome of the cupcakes. They also didn't mind helping us with the arrangement of the cupcakes. Getting buttercream smudged onto their hands by accident wasn't a big deal for them. Patrons are just like us, both having the same goal in mind, to be able to provide a successful event with happy guests.

We would like to thank the person who has given us this opportunity. With this down in the bag, we are more comfortable to offer our services to help with setting up for future corporate events. 

Our Image Print cupcakes are printed on edible sheets of icing paper. It is then placed on top of the frosting of the cupcakes. It is 100% safe as we use food grade ink to print out the images. You can send us the images that you would like for your next party or event via email at

To place an order of Image print cupcakes, visit

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