First Birthday Cupcakes

First Birthday Cupcakes

first birthday chocolate cupcake

120 Bliss Choco cupcakes were made for this special occasion. 

Beautiful velvety swirls of chocolate buttercream topped with customisable edible image print! This was my first big order that I was helping out with. We split the baking and making the frosting between two days. The chocolate buttercream was done a day before we baked the cupcakes. 

It wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. The oven could accommodate a large quantity of cupcakes. We were pretty much done within 7 hours. It sounds like a long day but it honestly didn't feel long. I guess it may be due to the fact that I enjoy baking and being in the kitchen. All that was left were the image print toppers. I'm more confident in myself if I were to be ever tasked with handling such big order in the near future. 

Side note: Image print toppers are made from a thin layer of real icing. It is safe to consume as edible inks are used. To place an order of your very own box of image print cupcakes, visit

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