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Flag toppers (Box of 12)

Flag toppers (Box of 12)

Flag Toppers are very popular with the office and birthday parties, as they can customize the cupcakes to the theme of the party. You can order the flag topper cupcakes and send us your very own flag topper image by email - . You can have multiple images, hence you can get multiple types of flags for the same party! Or you may add different design elements, e.g. sprinkles, edible print toppers, fondant designs, etc. (extra charges may apply). Feel free to discuss with us the possibilities! We look forward to working with you to make your party truly special.

The quantity is per dozen, i.e. Quantity of 1 means 12 cupcakes, qty of 2 means 24 cupcakes and so on.

Note: Coloured frosting is only available for Vanilla, Red Velvet and Bliss Choco cupcakes. If you select coloured frosting for Bliss Choco cupcakes, it will be coloured Vanilla frosting on chocolate cupcakes.