Customized cupcakes for parties, corporate events and gifting

cuppacakes specializes in baking fresh, made to order premium french butter cupcakes. We cater to your needs for customized cupcakes for all occasions. 

Party Cupcakes: Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, Baby Showers, Festive Parties (Christmas parties, Halloween parties, New Year Parties, Easter Parties etc.).

Corporate Event Cupcakes: Corporate parties, Sales events, Conferences, New product launch celebrations, Employee Appreciation parties, Annual Dinner and Dance celebrations.

Gifting: Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Thank you gifts, Special Occasion gifts, Festive Gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, Appreciation gifts. 

Regular Flavors: We have over 15 yummilicious flavors for you to choose from. Sit back, relax and indulge yourself. And of course, should you want to surprise your loved ones, we'll add your special message on a gift card along with the cupcakes. 

Special Offers:.We are running special offers on our most popular flavors, so go ahead and check out these yummilicious offers.  


We deliver island wide in Singapore, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Fresh from the oven is a unique bakery concept in Singapore dedicated to achieving one simple goal. Every day, we handcraft the most delicious french butter cupcakes you have ever tasted. Using the finest ingredients we mix, bake and decorate every single cupcake, giving you a fresh, fun, delicious and truly wholesome experience.

We only use premium ingredients like french butter, Irish cream, Australian sugar, American Vanilla paste. In addition we do not use any chemicals, preservatives or stabilizers in our cupcakes, which ensure that our premium cupcakes are super delicious. Due to the fact that we do not use any stabilizers, we start a marathon bake session everyday where we go from making the batter to baking it in the oven to icing the cupcakes. 

Last minute orders

As we bake on order, and without any chemicals, hence we bake the cupcakes on the day of the order itself or a day earlier. Hence you can order normal cupcakes a day in advance, and customized cupcakes 3-4 days in advance (depending on the customization required). 

Less Sweet 

Our cupcakes have 50% less sugar as compared to the ones available elsewhere. 

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