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Halloween Mini Cupcakes - Mini Spooks (Box of 20)

Halloween Mini Cupcakes - Mini Spooks (Box of 20)

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Thrill your guests out, let their fangs sink into one of these juicy, perfectly bite-size mini eyeba.. err.. cupcakes, at your Halloween event. Or simply standby a box to defend yourself on Halloween night. They work better than garlic, and guarantee to send away the vampires, ghouls and witches that came knocking on your door. Oh wait, maybe not. A bite into one of these moist, fluffy, oozy threats might just send the most evil to heaven and back that they keep knocking on your door for more. Remember to save some for yourself, even if that means risking your life for it!

Our mini cupcakes are about 2.5cm to 3cm in diameter. One flavour per box, each box comes with 20 mini cupcakes, topped with creepy crawlies, juicy eyeballs, witches' hats and whatnot, perfect for those slimy hands...


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